Better platform extensibility
for your SaaS

Take your SaaS to the next level with Auth0 Extend. Make it easy to customize and grow your SaaS right from within your product.

Power up your SaaS

Auth0 Extend lets your users create extensions right within your SaaS. You get an embedded customizable code editor in your app and a cloud-based service for running extensions on demand, securely, and at scale.

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Why Auth0 Extend?

We believe SaaS products should be easily extensible from within your product without deploying or maintaining servers. We make it easy for your customers, sales engineers, and partners to quickly extend your SaaS. We developed an Extensibility As A Service platform that accelerates time to value, it is called Auth0 Extend.

Auth0 Extend
Auth0 Extend
Transform your product into a platform.

Transform your product into a platform.

Make it easy for anyone with minimal coding experience to add new capabilities. They can create custom business rules, scheduled jobs, or connect to the ecosystem by integrating with other SaaS systems, like Marketo, Salesforce, and Concur. All using plain JavaScript and NPM modules.

Slash time to market.

Focus on adding business value instead of cost and complexity. Auth0 Extend rapidly reduces the time it takes to deliver new value in your product. It removes the need for you or your customers to set up and manage additional infrastructure elements.

Trustworthy and Secure.

Your users and partners can trust that their data will remain confidential, isolated, and secure when using Auth0 Extend in your product. Like our flagship identity product, Auth0 Extend was built securely and with a multi-tenant architecture.

Developers First

We created Auth0 Extend first for ourselves. Our team has been using and improving Auth0 Extend as an integral part of Auth0’s Identity Platform for years. We’re obsessed with delivering the best, most friction-free developer experience. Now we are making it available to you and your customers so you can reap the same benefits we see every day.

An editor in one line of code.

Embed the Extend Editor right in your SaaS product.
ExtendEditor.create(document.getElementById('extend-editor'), {
  hostUrl: '',
  webtaskContainer: 'tenant-857432092',
  token: 'ey....tenant-token.....',
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Your CRM App

Auth0 Extend made it easy for us to create a great experience that lets users run custom code in a super lightweight way.

Auth0 Extend takes the burden of integrations off of our customers reducing a month long development cycle to a 15 minute coding exercise.

Auth0 Extend helped us deliver an amazing serverless addon to our integration platform with no hassle.

At Graphcool we care deeply about good levels of abstractions. Auth0 Extend masters this with a brilliantly simple middleware architecture.

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