Modernize Legacy Applications

Get a head start on your legacy software modernization initiative with the right identity platform.


Is legacy software holding
you back?

90% of businesses today state that legacy software systems are keeping them from achieving their goals.

Monolithic legacy applications are expensive, a nightmare to maintain and just can’t keep pace with your changing business requirements, not to mention the fact that your fierce competitors are adding new capabilities weekly. Whether you call it “digital transformation”, “platform restructuring” or “app modernization”, it’s time to make a change.


Modernize with the cloud
and microservices

Modern applications aren’t written from scratch - they’re assembled from a set of modular, interconnected components that can be updated rapidly when your business changes.

Assembling an application with “building block” components hosted in the cloud will speed your time-to-value, improve user experience, and make your developers happier.

One key to designing a successful modernization initiative is to figure out which components to build in-house, focusing your developers on the features that add the most value to your internal or external customers, and which components you can outsource for quick wins that will kickstart your progress.


The hidden component that’s key to your project’s success

Modern identity goes beyond the login screen, requiring specialized technical expertise which could keep your developers from working on other important tasks. And in today’s environment of security and compliance, identity has become even more important and much more complex:

Users demand a choice to authenticate, whether through username and password, social providers, Passwordless options, or enterprise providers.

Your identity platform must stay on top of the constantly growing compliance requirements of SOC2, GDPR, OpenID Connect and others.

Security best practices require enhanced options like multi-factor authentication, anomaly detection and advanced logging.

Your apps are evolving but you still have legacy systems to work with. Auth0 gives you flexible deployment options to balance your needs.

For many applications, it’s important to improve the user experience through personalization.

If done right, Identity should be invisible to your users. If done wrong, they’ll feel the pain.

All of this makes Identity an ideal component to outsource to the right partner.


Why Auth0?

Auth0 App Illustration

One-stop identity

Single platform for all your identity requirements across all applications, for employees, business partners, consumers, and IoT devices.


In this fast changing world, your applications and products must also keep changing and evolving. You need an identity partner who can always evolve with you, and thanks to Auth0’s extensibility features, you will have that.

Compliance, Security and Scale

It goes without saying that customer data security and compliance is top of mind in most retail boardrooms. Auth0 has built state-of-the-art security into our product, so you can take advantage of cutting-edge features designed to make protecting your users and business worry-free.