When you "claims enable" SharePoint with Auth0, you also get an enhanced People Picker. This is optional, because it doesn't intervene in then authentication process, but is a very handy feature that prevents common mistakes, errors, and a superior user experience.

If you enable the Auth0 People Picker you will be able to resolve names and search contacts across all configured identity providers.

How does it work?

The Auth0 People Picker uses Auth0's Users API, that offers a uniform, normalized query API across directories and users repositories. (If you have an account with Auth0 you can test this very quickly using the API Explorer. If you don't have an account, go get one!...or read the docs here).

Auth0 People Picker implements SharePoint's SPClaimsProvider contract.aspx):

Configuring SharePoint with Auth0 is straight forward as we explained here.

Enabling the People Picker requires just a few extra step:

  1. Run the Enable-ClaimsProvider cmdlet (this will enable it on any web app configured with Auth0)
  2. Go to "General Security" section
  3. Select "Configure Auth0 Claims Provider"
  4. Enter the three parameters: your tenant, your client_secret and your client_id.

You are done!


This is a very short demo of the entire experience:

  1. Login to SharePoint with the Auth0 Login Widget using Google
  2. Searching for a user ("eugenio") across all configured connections in Auth0

Try Auth0 yourself!