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At Auth0 we live and breathe devops, and one thing we've been really amped over is ChatOps. We're deploying servers globally right from Slack, we're monitoring our infrastucture in Slack, and hey we've even integrated many of our SAAS / LOB systems in Slack.

Up until now, doing that has been quite a bit of work as you generally end up building custom bots, or building custom commands. In either case you have to package it up, deploy and host. Tools like Hubot go a long way to make the authoring easier, but you still have to stand up a server, configure it, etc.

But what if you didnt?

Slash Webtasks!


Today we're announcing Slash Webtasks, custom Slack commands authored as Webtasks. Nothing to package up, nothing to deploy. Install the new Slash Webtasks Slack Extension and you can start creating new Slack commands right from within Slack.

We're bringing our existing easy to use wt-cli command experience right into the Slack environment in a new and powerful way with a generic /wt slash command. You can use /wt create right in Slack to create a new task and then edit it immediately using our rich web-based editor.

Once your task is authored, then you and the rest of your team can use it right from Slack using /wt [cmd]. It is that easy.

Your teams can immediately start creating commands. Internally once we unleashed Slash Webtasks on Auth0, this is exactly what happened.

How we're using Slash Webtasks at Auth0

One of the first tasks that showed up was "/wt status" which allows our teams to monitor the status of our Webtask clusters. That command was followed by an influx of new commands coming from all over our organization, such as a command to search our Data Warehouse for leads information, a command to wakeup another user in Slack, and most importantly a command to comically slap that annoying co-worker with a virtual trout. :-)

Everyone is jazzed now about building their own commands!

Below you can see the new commands in action, while Matias and I do some obviously cheeky improv.

Getting started

Slash Webtasks are really easy to get going with and author. Head over to our landing page, install our new Slack app, and you can get started.

All your ChatOps belong to YOU

Slash Webtasks dramatically reduce the cost of building new Slack commands. Start taking advantage of a really low friction way to do chatops NOW, powered by Webtask. We're excited to see what you are going to build!

Let us know about your experience. And if you like what you see, we're on Product Hunt, show us some love!