Auth0 is excited to announce our inclusion into the Cloud Services Category of the G-Cloud 9 Framework, part of the United Kingdom's official Digital Marketplace. Inclusion to this digital marketplace enables UK government agencies to purchase crucial cloud and security tools online without having to submit specific tenders or contracts to use these services. It is our hope that inclusion into this framework will help make robust identity and authentication management a more accessible and seamless experience for the public sector.

What is G-Cloud 9?

The G-Cloud 9 Framework is a great example of what governments can do to make sure that public sector agencies have the ability to make informed choices regarding their software usage and security practices. It's an internal marketplace of pre-negotiated services and platforms, allowing agencies to avoid negotiating per-product contracts. This can often be a major source of lost time and money, so G-Cloud 9 presents an appstore-like model that encourages comparison and competition.

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The framework clearly outlines pricing structures, security protocols, cost, and platform compatibility among other qualities, serving as a central repository that makes it easy for public sector agencies across the United Kingdom to assess what cloud-based software tools are available to them.

G-Cloud 9 encourages agencies to make the best choices for their own use cases, allowing them to use implementations that might not have been feasible through a traditional government procurement system. Much like the private sector, software needs aren't one-size-fits-all in the public sector, so pre-approved pricing structures make it easier to try software at any scale.

As public sector agencies increasingly draw from the iterative approaches seen in the startup world, software experimentation and resulting productivity gains are becoming the norm. Inclusion on the G-Cloud 9 platform enables public agencies to evaluate a diverse set of tools and services to see what best fits their needs. It's clear that a centralized hub for pre-approved platforms and suppliers is a vital resource in allowing agencies to reduce the amount of time and money spent updating their workflows.

Recent Changes to G-Cloud Frameworks

The G-Cloud 9 Framework is the 2017 update of the cloud services portion of the United Kingdom's Digital Marketplace. The Digital Marketplace is the central hub for approved services and suppliers across multiple public sector agencies across the United Kingdom, run by the Government Digital Service (GDS). The platform has a broad remit, ranging from booking physical spaces such as datacenters or research labs, to approved developers and auditors.

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G-Cloud 9 was preceded by G-Cloud 7 and 8, which ran in parallel, but both have been made obsolete as a result of changes to contract regulations in G-Cloud 9. As a result, products and organizations that were approved under G-Cloud 7 and 8 were not guaranteed renewal on that basis, and every supplier had to reapply.

While the mandated reapplication process was a complicated undertaking, the advantages of G-Cloud 9 outweighs such inconveniences. As Derek du Preez of Diginomica notes that contracts are no longer limited to 2-year contracts in G-Cloud 9. Prior frameworks had forced agencies to enter new contracts and reconsider other options, an onerous and potentially costly process. With G-Cloud 9, agencies have the option to renew contracts on a yearly basis after the initial term (pending GDS authorization), helping create a more consistent environment for software use.

Another distinguishing feature of G-Cloud 9 over its predecessors is the increased simplicity of product categories. All products featured on the platform are categorized as either “Cloud hosting”, “Cloud software” or “Cloud support”, enabling agencies to take a more systematic approach when seeking information about the latest tools. Auth0 has been categorized under the cloud software umbrella, with free, standard, enterprise, and preferred support tiers being approved for use across the UK's public sector.

The improved organization and flexibility found in G-Cloud 9 will make it easier for agencies to compare products that fit their needs, allowing the public sector to be more responsive to productivity-enhancing products and platforms.

Benefits of Identity Management in the Public Sector

The benefits of accessible software choice cannot be solely reduced to productivity gains. Security and identity management is often a priority of public sector agencies, but adhering to the constantly changing standards is difficult when your organization is locked into a rigid software stack. Having the flexibility to pursue up-to-date software helps agencies be more responsive to changing security needs and threats.

Auth0 is also always on the lookout for new security threats, and our agile development methodology ensures that our customers have accelerated access to updates and changes in standards. We determinedly built our product to stand up to robust security standards around the world, ensuring that our diverse userbase can experience the benefits of strong authentication and identity management, regardless of an organization's location or scale.

Our entry into the G-Cloud 9 platform underscores our commitment to democratizing access to our software and mainstream security practices, much like the platform itself aims to improve accessibility and choice to agencies across the United Kingdom.

Auth0's Mission

Prioritizing security and strong identity management can be daunting at any scale, but relying on a centralized cloud management solution like Auth0 means that you can have the same product experience that security experts rely on. We believe that world-class security protections don't have to be reserved for elite companies or users, but that it is a fundamental public good that should be applied in broad contexts and accessed on platforms like the G-Cloud 9 Framework.

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Auth0's mission is to make robust authentication and identity management a routine part of everyone's user and security experience. Whether you're a public sector agency, a small business owner, or a security-minded user, Auth0 helps ensure you can access the most up-to-date security standards with low overhead and a seamless user experience.