At Auth0 we’re shipping new pricing today 👏💸. As some of you may know, finding the right pricing and packaging is one of the hardest things a company does. That’s true even more for a platform like Auth0, given the enormous number of different use cases the Auth0 platform addresses. Five months ago, we decided to focus on creating the best possible new pricing. As Auth0 is a company by engineers, for engineers, we wanted to use the most analytical possible approach to pricing, and hence both crunched a lot of data, and also incorporated qualitative feedback we received from our subscribers, in order to create a new version of Auth0 pricing and packaging that we think will have broad appeal to everyone from developers, startups and small businesses to the very largest global enterprises.

These are the 5 major changes:

Free Plan including 7,000 monthly active users: We believe that using Auth0 with a basic setup (username/password, 2 social providers or passwordless authentication) versus implementing it yourself (using passportjs, devise, etc.) should be a no-brainer decision for any developer. For that reason starting today we are giving away the Auth0 runtime and API for free for up to 7,000 monthly active users. Note this number of active users could support a much much larger number of registered users, depending on how frequently your users authenticate (for e.g. if your app has a 15% active usage, this supports 50,000 registered users). For many new products, web sites and projects, this is more than enough to get started, and best of all you will have an infrastructure ready to enable multi-factor authentication, enterprise integrations, account linking, and many other powerful features just a flip of a dashboard switch away, no extra code needed.
Free Unlimited Open Source Plan: We ♥ OSS so we wanted to offer every project the ability to use the full Auth0 platform without worrying about $$ ever.

"We ♥ OSS so we wanted to offer every project the ability to use the full Auth0 platform."

Up to 70% price reduction for developers and small businesses: Individual devs and small business that are still early in ramping revenue will benefit from more affordable plans.
Better feature segmentation: We analyzed our user base and segmented our features in different plans - and prices - based on popular use cases.
Internal vs External users: Our subscribers use Auth0 to either protect applications used by employees (internal usage) or by non-employees (external usage). Our new plans take this into account.


We think you’ll really like our new approach to pricing. We encourage you to go to the new pricing page and check it out 💥! Don’t hesitate to open a support ticket or tweet at us if you have any feedback.