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Bot Detection

Auth0 Bot Detection Reduces Bot Attacks by 79%

Bot Detection’s AI-boost helps block the majority of malicious requests, saving time and resources

Last Updated On: May 31, 2022

The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, today upgraded their Bot Detection security feature with a new machine learning (ML) engine, to help reduce bot attacks by 79%, with minimal impact on user experience.

Bots plague identity flows at all points of the user journey. Fake signups defraud registration forms, brute force attacks use breached passwords to overwhelm logins, and malicious bots burden app owners with scams and spam, degrading the user experience. Consumer-facing apps, in particular, must identify and filter out bots as part of their security and growth objectives.

Fewer Than 1% of Challenges Shown

As bot-based attacks evolve to circumvent detection tools, Auth0 has re-engineered their bot protection engine to continue to prevent malicious and garbage traffic from hurting your business. Part of the Auth0 Attack Protection add-on, Bot Detection now pairs machine learning with one of the world’s largest consumer identity platforms to screen more bots in nearly 90% of attacks compared to the previous iteration. The impact on user experience remains unchanged, as even during attacks, fewer than 1% of challenges are shown to humans. Better security shouldn’t mean more friction.

When a bot attack is detected, it displays a CAPTCHA step in the login or signup experience to eliminate bot and scripted traffic. Bot Detection is a powerful addition to the company’s expanding security portfolio and works in tandem with Auth0 Credential Guard, Brute Force Protection, and Adaptive MFA, to provide extensive mitigation against a variety of sophisticated threats, including automated attacks, account takeovers, phishing attacks, and more.

“We’ve seen an increase in the volume and sophistication of bot attacks over the last few years, and companies are investing more in their defenses,” said Shiv Ramji, Chief Product Officer at Auth0. “Being at the front door of applications with a service that secures billions of login transactions per month, we have a unique vantage point for quickly identifying and blocking suspicious activity before any damage is done. This is what makes Auth0’s Bot Detection very effective at preventing account takeover and reducing the load on DevOps and SecOps teams.”

Learn more about implementing Bot Detection here.

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