Today we are very pleased to announce Auth0 new pricing, along with a new free and full-featured developer plan.

"Today we are very pleased to announce Auth0 new pricing."

New Pricing

Heads up! We now have even newer pricing. Check out the details and get in touch if you have any questions!

Based on the feedback we received over the last few months, we have modified our pricing structure to be much more flexible, allowing you to create custom packages that best fit your needs.

Instead of fixed tiered packages, Auth0 subscriptions can now be tailored by:

  • Identity provider types: Social, Social+ and Enterprise.
  • Number of active users.
  • Optional features, such as premium support or guaranteed SLA.
  • We have also introduced a yearly commitment option.

Always Free for Developers

The other key change is our new developer subscription:

  • It now includes all the features of the Auth0 platform.
  • It has no time limit.
  • It is free for non-production use (up to 20 active users).

No more trial period. When you create a free account with Auth0, you now get access to the entirety of the Auth0 platform, for as long as you need. You can test all the required use cases and move to a paid plan only when it is the right time to do so, typically when you go in production.

The 20 active users limit is well above what we have seen in pre-production developer accounts, where the active users are usually the developer herself, a few members of the team, and a couple of test users; but don't worry if you are still developing and testing your application and you occasionally spike over 20, we won't ever block you.

How the new pricing works

(1) Choose the identity provider type

The first step is to choose the identity provider type you need:

  • Social : This subscription enables Google, Facebook and Twitter authentication by default, and offers, by selecting the Any Social IdP feature, the option to authenticate to many more popular social IdPs.

  • Social + : This subscription includes all popular social IdPs as well as username and password database management.

  • Enterprise : In addition to all the Social+ capabilities, this subscription includes support for all popular enterprise IdPs (e.g. AD, LDAP, ADFS, Google Apps, SAML-P, etc). The Enterprise subscription optionally supports 3rd party application single sign-on (e.g. SSO for Salesforce, O365, Concur, Zendesk and many others).

(2) Choose how many active users

The second step is to choose how many active users you want to include in your plan. Note that Auth0 counts only active users, not registered users, meaning that you pay only for users that actually authenticate to your app, API or IoT device and not for the dormant people in your database or enterprise, which in some cases could be the majority of your population.

An active user is a user that has authenticated at least once in the past 30 days.

Active users are counted "per application". For example, if you have two distinct applications, let’s say an inventory management application and a timesheet application and your users authenticate against both of them, they will be counted as two active users (one active user per app).

Note that we define an application as a client id and client secret pair, if multiple applications (say one on iOS and one on Android) share the same client id and client secret pair, they are a single app in this definition.

You can choose up to 100,000 Social or Social+ active users and up to 5,000 enterprise active users through our self service platform. For higher volumes or specific needs please contact us.

(3) Choose optional features

Trust, Reliability and Premium Support

Auth0 is regularly audited for SOC 2 compliance to demonstrate the trust we've earned from our worldwide base of sophisticated and exacting subscribers. We now also offer Premium Support and a Guaranteed SLA as optional features.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Prem

The vast majority of Auth0 subscribers' needs are fulfilled by our public cloud service. However, if you have compliance or other constraints that require a private cloud, please contact us. This private cloud can either be controlled by Auth0 or, if you are running on AWS, by your company.

Existing Subscribers

If you are an existing subscriber, you have two options:

  • You can stay on your existing plan as long as you like (same price, same active users allowance as you have today).
  • You move to a new plan that you like better and you will charged accordingly. We will give you a pro-rated refund of the month you have already paid on your current plan.

As per those of you currently in trial mode, you will automatically be moved to the new free developer account, giving you access to even more features than your current Pro account trial.


We are very excited about both our new new pricing and our new free and full-featured developer plan. Give them a go and do not hesitate to share your feedback.