Following last month's new pricing announcement and new free and full-featured developer plan, today we are adding a Startup Plan to our pricing.

Startup Plan

The deal is very simple, if you meet the three conditions below:

  • less than $1M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • less than $2M in raised funding
  • less than 2 years old

you get the following features of Auth0 for 1 year for $99 per month:

  • Unlimited Social Identity Providers
  • Role Management
  • Custom Domains
  • Database Migration
  • Account Linking
  • Email Customizations
  • Up To 30 Days Of Log Retention
  • Enhanced Password Protection
  • Third Party Multifactor Provider
  • Custom Database
  • Integrations
  • Single Sign On For Auth0 Dashboard
  • Delegated Admin
  • Consolidation Of User Stores
  • 1 Million Regular Active Users

It's that simple.

Contact sales to request a Startup plan.