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How to Nail Your Auth0 Interviews

Members from the Auth0 Talent Acquisition team share insights about the Auth0 hiring process.

Last Updated On: June 17, 2021

“Wow, I love interviewing. I wish I could do that all of the time.”

Have you ever heard anyone say that?

Of course not. No one loves interviewing. Likely because interviewing is typically time-consuming, stressful, and doesn’t always result in the desired outcome.

At Auth0, we want to change that perception and show how exciting it can be. A lot of the stress of interviewing comes with uncertainty, and unfortunately, in many cases, a lack of communication. We are upfront with every candidate from the beginning on what our process is, and it is our goal to provide prospective employees with clear information, how to set themselves up for success and hopefully land a job here.


What’s Auth0, and What’s Our Mission?

Auth0 is easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform. Basically, we make companies’ login boxes awesome. Our mission is to secure the world’s identities so innovators can innovate. And our core philosophy is based on the principles of collaboration, experimentation, learning, transparency, and passion.

Sound like your kinda thing?

“Let’s build a company we’d love to work for.”

We believe in a culture that it’s always permanently becoming better. As our CEO, Eugenio Pace recently put it:

We are a rapidly growing company (even more so with our recent merger with Okta) where things often move quickly with a lot of ambiguity. Auziros (Auziro = Auth0 employee) values ownership, innovation, inclusion, and continuous learning. And if we don’t have the exact match you are looking for today, it is likely that we will have future opportunities that are a match for you. Auth0 will be a place where you grow and thrive.

What You Should Expect in Our Hiring Process

Our goal is not to fit a round peg in a square hole. We view our employees as learners and builders who actively work on themselves to grow their careers and continuously evolve. Our hiring process enables us to learn about candidates’ past experiences and how we can help each other succeed.

Our 4-stage hiring process

  1. Recruiter interview
  2. Hiring Manager interview
  3. Technical or skills-based interview
  4. Final interview

For the majority of our open roles, we strive for 4-stages total; however, the number of steps can vary based on the prospective team and seniority of the role. You can confirm the exact process for the role you are interested in with your recruiter. We aim to complete the hiring process as quickly as possible, and our average interview process takes approximately three weeks (though we strive to make it even quicker).

We were once candidates trying to land roles at Auth0 too, and we are now here to hire awesome co-workers. Your recruiter will be your partner throughout the entire process to guide you and make sure you are set up for success. You should feel comfortable contacting your recruiter throughout the interview process to answer any questions you have.

Click “Apply” and fill out that application
Applications are reviewed by human recruiters at Auth0, not machines. If a potential fit is determined, that candidate will enter into our recruitment process.

We view the hiring process as a two-way street and believe that candidates are interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing them. We designed our interview process so we can learn about your background as it relates to the role requirements through conversations and ensure you are educated about the role, team, and company culture.

Auth0 Hiring Process

If you have received an email for an interview with us, congratulations! We are looking forward to meeting you over an initial video or phone call; we prefer to have a video call for face-to-face interaction, but sometimes situations prevent that method.

Show me the money tips
Our recruiters will send you a link so you can schedule your Zoom video interview directly on their calendars. Carefully read the instructions and select a date and time that works best for you.

Create an ideal meeting environment, so you are set up for success. Ensure your internet and audio connections are working properly and test your camera in advance, so you know what to expect during your interview. Make sure you are in a room without distractions where you can see and hear clearly. Don’t worry about dressing formally - we are a remote-friendly workplace and oftentimes dress for comfort.

Carefully read the job posting you applied to and check out the relevant information we have about our company — we included useful links in this blog post.

Stage 1: Recruiter Interview (30 - 45 mins)

The recruiter will conduct a high-level rundown of the role and responsibilities, as well as learn more about your experience as it relates to the position. Expect to answer role-related questions that are both specific and generalized. Common questions to expect include: * Why are you looking for a new opportunity? * What are you hoping to achieve in your next role? * What drew you to this particular opportunity and Auth0?

They will also set expectations around compensation and timing. Our recruiters are very knowledgeable and will always provide opportunities for you to ask any questions, including, but not limited to, company, role, team, and process. When we don’t have an answer, we’ll either find out for you or point you to where you can find your answer.

Stage 2: Hiring Manager Interview (30 - 60 mins)

The hiring manager will focus more deeply on your experience aligning to the role and discuss the role’s expectations in more detail. This is your chance to do a deep dive into the team and growth opportunities, and more importantly, highlight your value-add to the team and how well you align with your potential manager.

Stage 3: Technical or Skills-based Interview (30 - 60 mins)

This stage will focus on the components of your skillset that align with our expectations of the role, such as specific technical skills and/or business acumen and your cross-functional communication skills. Another part about what makes working at Auth0 so great is that we love collaboration and emphasize teamwork as a core value to our success. You can take an opportunity during this conversation to explore what your potential teammates love about the team or explore opportunities that the team has for improvement and growth.

Stage 4: Final Interview (30 - 60 mins)

Depending on the role and team you are interviewing for, your final interview could be a short exercise and/or presentation or a meeting with a senior leader. If you’ve made it this far, things are looking very promising for a potential match. This final stage is another opportunity for both parties to confirm your fit for the role, team, and company. As mentioned previously, we look at hiring as a two-way street, so make sure you ask those important decision-making questions so you are in the best position to know if this is a place where you will thrive.

Job Offer

Congratulations, we are matched. As part of the offer process, your recruiter will work closely with the hiring manager to reconfirm your level based on your interviews with the collective group. Our goal is to deliver our most competitive compensation package for your role, level, and location. We are not about back-and-forth negotiations but rather use market data to ensure our offers are very competitive. We encourage you to have a conversation with your recruiter about our compensation philosophy in your first call with them.

Our offer approvals usually take between 1 -3 business days, and once approved, your recruiter will call you to go over the details of the offer, employee perks, and benefits, answer your questions, and anything else. We want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make the best decision on this exciting next move in your career. This is a huge and exciting decision. After the verbal offer is extended, you will receive the official documents electronically for you to review and sign.

Welcome to Auth0

Three magic words. After you sign, it’s celebration time! Our next step will be to kick off your onboarding process, which includes a background check and contact from our onboarding team regarding onboarding logistics. It’ll be time to buckle your seat belt for what’s sure to be a fantastic ride.

This was a lot of information for our 4-stage hiring process, but hopefully provides more insight on our approach and how you can best prepare. Once you are an official Auziro, this is just the beginning of your Auth0 experience. We love it here and are excited to have you with us as we continue to build better products for our customers, build our fantastic team, and continue building a company culture that is unmatched.

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