Protect your users and services
from password leaks

Breached password detection protects and notifies your users when their credentials are leaked by a data breach of a third party. You can optionally prevent access until the user has reset their password.


How It Works

Auth0 maintains a continuously-updated collection of breached credentials, with hundreds of millions of entries. All password-based login or signup attempts are checked against this database, and any matches are blocked in real-time.


In many instances, users are not aware that their password has been leaked. Enabling breached password detection in your app will notify users when they are at risk and enhance your brand perception.

For Service Providers

Block hackers from impersonating users with compromised credentials from data breaches.

For End Users

Receive data breach notifications if your credentials are compromised and keep your accounts safe.

The world is leaking passwords

As you read this, more and more passwords are being stolen and leaked in data breaches.

Enable Breached Password Detection Today

Breached password detection is available now in preview.


Breached Password Detection