Simplifying the complexity of identity.

Design team

We bring trust, simplicity, and delight to identity.

The Design Team mission is to inspire application builders and security professionals to provide safe and secure products for their users throight a simple, adaptable and cohesive experience. Here are our core values:

Trust yourself and the team

Trust is not about the big gestures, it’s about the little things. Like knowing your team will tell you when something is awesome. Or when they give constructive feedback, knowing they are there to help you and the work get better. It’s about being able to collaborate without barriers or ego. And this goes for relationships and cross-team collaboration across the whole organization as well.

Do a little better whenever

Embrace all experiences as an opportunity for growth, learning, and continuous experimentation. We believe in everyone feeling like they are always getting that little bit better every day, whether personally or professionally.

Enable positive change

Being kind to each other and honest about how we are feeling — both professionally and personally — is the key to better work and a better experience for everyone. You can enable positive change, and you should never feel that it’s not your place, or that it’s not the right thing to do.

Meet the team

We're a global team of product designers, brand designers, and researchers spanning across the world from Buenos Aires, United States, Spain, and anywhere in between.

"One of my favorite things about being a part of the Auth0 Design team is the passion, talent, and emphasis on a good team culture we share collectively."
EmilySr. Brand Design Manager
"This is the best design team I’ve ever joined: everyone here is so thoughtful, talented and encouraging. Also, great documentations, beautiful and creative work everywhere. I can’t express how grateful I am to be part of this."
Amie ChenSr. Product Designer
"The design team is *probably* the only team in the company that debates the merits of baked potatoes as breakfast foods. Trust me, you don't want to miss this."
Stacy TaylorSenior Product Designer II
"As a queer person, joining a truly inclusive team was important to me when I was looking for a new job, and at Auth0 I can bring my full-self to work and feel not only comfortable but encouraged to express myself – however that may be."
Austin CouillardSr. Brand Designer
"Being a part of this design team is the best thing about my job! I'm never alone in solving a problem because I'm surrounded by a team that's always up to riff on ideas or try something new."
Jourdan NyhofProduct Design Manager
"Having been at Auth0 for several years now, the Design Team is like my second family. There is always someone to lend an ear, provide different points of view, and good friends to grow with. Here, I feel really free."
Guille MesyngierSr. Full Stack Designer

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