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Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

CIAM is good for your customers and good for your business, improving conversions, customer experience, and revenue.

Use Auth0 for Consumer-Facing Applications

A webinar for Product, Marketing and IAM Managers who care about streamlining login to consumer applications and gaining a single view into a user’s profile and data.

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Auth0 2019 Retail Data Security Report

Based on a survey of nearly 100 global retailers, along with case study examples collected by Internet Retailer, this report highlights how the age-old battle of security vs. customer experience is now being solved with modern identity management technology.

Read the report

Are You a Technologist?

Learn more about building a CIAM system that underpins your business.

Engineer-out isolated identity, compliance, and privacy silos

Implement a common identity and compliance infrastructure across all apps and platforms

The Power of a Centralized Identity StrategyTechnical Strategies for Migrating Users to Auth0Don't Compromise on Identity Because of GDPR: A Checklist

Decrease cost of building, adapting, and maintaining CIAM

Use a single, global identity platform that’s engineered and maintained by experts

Blur the Line between IDaaS and CIAM (451 Group)Economic Impact of Auth0 (Forrester Research)Long-lived sessions to retain customersAuth0 Demo for Consumer-Facing Apps

Engineer-in use cases and flows; develop on any framework or language

Auth0 offers dozens of Quickstarts and SDKs for virtually any platform or development style - to get you going quickly

Architecture & Identity: Consumer CIAM ExamplesAuth0 Demo for Consumer-Facing AppsProgressive profiling: Vital info from happy customersStep-Up Authentication is Key to Making Paywalls Work in MediaAll Auth0 SDKs and Libraries

Learn more about Auth0 concepts, frameworks, and use cases

There's a lot to learn about authentication, security, and growth. These links are an easy and friendly way of learning all about CIAM and more.

Protect Users with Anomaly DetectionMultifactor Authentication for CustomersImplementing Social LoginsLearn More Auth0 Concepts

Are You a Line-of-Business Owner?

Use Auth0 to improve conversions and convenience, while adhering to compliance.

Learn more about your customers and their preferences

Auth0 helps you progressively learn more about customer preferences with minimal friction or interference

Forrester Now Tech: Customer Identity And Access Management (CIAM)Consent Management as a Competitive Advantage2019 Auth0 Retail Data Security ReportMore about Auth0 in Retail

Offer improved e-commerce and loyalty programs

Unifying site, identity and customer data to strengthen customer experience... and your brand.

Auth0 for Consumer-Facing ApplicationsWhy Your Identity Management is Leaking RevenueLeverage Showrooming Behaviour to Increase Revenue

Provide a better, lower friction user experience

Customize how you balance Security and Convenience for the right user experience

Strengthen data security and improve CXImprove CX/UX via A Single Vision of a CustomerHelp your Digital Strategy Succeed (Report)How GrandVision Built an Omnichannel Experience

Reduce exposure to holes in your compliance and regulatory profiles

Consistently unify your identity systems across all platforms and properties

The Guide to GDPR: Security ProvisionsDon't Compromise on Identity Because of GDPRThe Simple Guide to CCPA ComplianceProtecting Personal Information (PI)
See Why Jersey Mike's Trusts Auth0 With Their Most Loyal Customers’ Data
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Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.