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We provide an out-of-the-box authentication & authorization platform for any application — with the extensibility to fit your needs.

Integrate your application with Auth0. To log in, users are redirected to Auth0's customizable login page. Once the user logs in successfully, Auth0 redirects them back to your app, returning a token with their auth & user information.

How Auth0 Works

With a few lines of code you can have Auth0 integrated in any app, written in any language, and any framework. Built for developers, Auth0 allows you to customize your login experience throughout the login flow.

Pre-Signup Rules
Post-Signup Rules
Optional MFA

Your App

You integrate your App with Auth0.

Universal Login

To log in, users are redirected to the customizable Universal Login page. Once they successfully log in, they are redirected back to your app with an ID Token and the Access Token.


Administrators can manage user identities from the User Dashboard.


The authentication and authorization pipeline can be easily customized and adapted to your needs by Auth0's extensibility options, such as Rules.


Finally, you can use the Access Token to call the secured APIs your app needs.
Code in any additional Identity Providers
+30 Built in Identity Providers
Federated Identity Providers
Auth0 Database
Custom Database
Easily connect to APIs and services
Post Authentication Rules

Powerful Authentication & Authorization Out-of-the Box

Powerful OOTB features like a customizable login box, social login, MFA, and advanced user management allow you to go live in record time.

Your Company

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Customize the login box
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You can use your company's brand colors, or any others, to customize the login box look & feel.

Identity Providers

You can add any of the 30+ social providers that Auth0 supports out of the box. Additionally, you can add any OAuth2 Authorization Server you need.


Launch Auth0 Flows

Control & Customize with Code

Rules and Hooks are JavaScript code snippets that run in Auth0 as part of the authentication pipeline. They empower you to control and customize any stage of the authentication pipeline.

function defaultPictureForNullAvatars(user 
1: The user object stores information about the logged in user, returned by the identity provider. It is generated when a user authenticates, before rules run.
, context 
2: The context object stores contextual information about the current authentication transaction, such as the user's IP address, application, or location.
, callback 
3: A function that will run after your main code is executed.
) {
if (user.picture.indexOf('') > -1) {
    const url = require('url');
4: Rules run in a JavaScript sandbox. The sandbox supports the ECMAScript 6 language and a large number of Node.js (version 8+) modules that you can import.

    const u = url.parse(user.picture, true);
    user.picture = url.format(u);
callback(null, user, context);
Auth0 Extensibility

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