PSaaS Appliance Administration: Disabling Sign-Ups

The PSaaS Appliance, when running in multi-tenancy mode, behaves just like the Auth0 cloud environment. Users will be able to sign up and create new accounts in the cluster, and this ability is not limited to internal users. For this reason, Auth0 suggests that you disable sign-ups for the Initial-Connection database connection prior to going live in your production environments.

Connections for the Auth0 Application

The Auth0 application in the Root Tenant Authority (RTA) controls access to the Management Dashboard, and the only Connections that you should enable for this application is the built-in Database Connection (the default Connection for this application is a Database Connection called Initial-Connection) or an enterprise connection like the AD-LDAP Connector. You should never enable a Social Connection for the Auth0 application.

Additionally, please disable signups for the Auth0 application.

Disabling signups will prevent users from signing up for an account in your PSaaS Appliance. Therefore, if you want to invite co-administrators to a specific tenant, you will need to do the following:

  • create the user manually using the Dashboard;
  • send the newly-created user's credentials to your co-administrator;
  • invite the user to the appropriate account.

How to Disable Signups for a Connection

Log in to the Auth0 Management Dashboard.

Auth0 Management Dashboard Landing Page

Using the left-hand navigation menu, go to Connections > Database.

Database Connections Page

Click the row corresponding to Initial-Connection (or the connection for which you are disabling sign-ups). You will be directed to the Settings page. Scroll to the bottom, and enable the slider corresponding to the row that reads Disable Sign Ups.

Connections Settings Page