Why You Should Update the PSaaS Appliance Regularly

Though the Auth0 engineering team releases updates to the PSaaS Appliance on a monthly basis, we understand that such frequent updates to your environment (though ideal) are not always possible. Regardless, we recommend updating your PSaaS Appliance on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis at the very least.

In this article, we will cover why it is essential to update your PSaaS Appliance regularly.

Benefits to updating the PSaaS Appliance

First, each major release contains all of the new features and improvements to existing features that we have made since the prior version.

However, even if you are happy with your existing feature set, there are also benefits to updating the PSaaS Appliance that extend beyond technological improvements and feature updates.

More specifically, each major release for the PSaaS Appliance includes fixes for all of the known issues discovered during normal usage of Auth0. We aim to provide as smooth an experience as possible for all of our customers, but an issue-free release is not possible. As such, we ship updates that correct any issues that might become apparent.

Problems that may arise due to delayed or skipped updates

By upgrading routinely, you can be assured that you are working with a version of the PSaaS Appliance that is fully-functional and secure. Conversely, if you do not upgrade, your environment becomes, over time, unsupported and less secure.

Furthermore, lack of updates to the PSaaS Appliance over time makes it difficult when you do get to the point where you want to update. Because updates are cumulative, skipping updates means that you will have more changes that need to be tested. By updating at each possible opportunity, you are making smaller, incremental changes to your environment.

Testing in the Development Environment to ensure smooth updates

Auth0 provides a Development environment at no cost to you. The purpose of this environment is to test future upgrades to identify any issues before updating your Production environment. Auth0 works with you to resolve any problems identified during your testing, and only when both parties are comfortable should the upgrade proceed to Production.