Appliance: Adding a Node to the Backup Role

This document applies beginning with Appliance update build 7247.


  • A cluster with two or more nodes;
    • At least one node must not be assigned a backup role.
  • A separate, dedicated backup device with sufficient space to store the backups on the node that you are assigning to the backup role.

Adding a Node to the Backup Role

To add a node to the backup role, execute the set-as-backup command using the Auth0 Appliance's Command-Line Interface. When issuing this command, you will need to specify the device on the target node to be used to store backups.

$a0cli -t <node_ip> set-as-backup <backup_device> [force]

Note: If you have already created a backup folder on the node, the command will fail unless you set the force argument to true.

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