Connect your app to Active Directory

Configuring and Using the Auth0 Appliance Command Line Interface

The PSaaS Appliance Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to perform operations on your PSaaS Appliance instances via authorized workstations.

Create an AD/LDAP Connection in Auth0

Downloading the CLI Setup Files

To download the files required to set up the CLI, submit a support ticket for your custom download link.

Install the connector on your network

Installing and Using the CLI

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the a0cli-v.1.x.x file, you will select the version that is appropriate for the operating system you are using. Auth0 provides installers for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems, and the installer will guide you through the installation process.

Once this process is complete, you will be able to run the a0cli program from your local command-line instance.

However, if you have keys defined and you've run update-commands, you will see an extended list of commands:

Because the CLI sends commands to the server running on each PSaaS Appliance's node, please ensure that the server is both available and can accept inbound and outbound connections to port 10121.

Next Steps

Granting Access Rights to Users

Only workstations that you have authorized may perform operations on the PSaaS Appliance.

To authorize a new workstation for use with the CLI:

  1. Generate a key pair by running, in your local command-line tool, a0cli create-key. This outputs a public key, which is now associated with that particular workstation. You will also need to copy for this key to complete the next step.

  2. Navigate to the CLI page of the PSaaS Appliance configuration area, and add the key to your configuration. For additional information on how to do this, please see the configuration instructions for PSaaS Appliance CLIs.

Please note that any user on the workstation with access to the location where the key is stored locally will have access rights to perform operations on the PSaaS Appliance.

Updating Command Lists

To send commands to the PSaaS Appliance's node, you will need to update the command list the node accepts by running the following command:

a0cli -t <target node> update-commands

You may test this process by sending a ping message:

a0cli -t <target node> ping

If the test was successful, you will see the following response:

{"message": "PONG"}

To get a list of available commands, run a0cli (omitting all parameters).