Auth0 Appliance Dashboard: Nodes

For additional information on navigating to and using the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard, please see the section on PSaaS Appliance Controls.

The Nodes page located under the PSaaS Appliance configuration area provides a high-level overview of the nodes you have running as part of your PSaaS Appliance setup. Each instance that you have with your web service provider is considered a node and is listed individually on this page.

The Nodes page displays the following pieces of information for each of your nodes:

  • Hostname: the name of the node;
  • IP: the IP address used to reach that particular node;
  • Memory: the amount of memory allocated to that node;
  • CPUs: the number of CPUs allocated to that node;
  • App Update: the number of times the node has been updated with application-related updates;
  • Setting Update: the number of times the node's settings have been updated;
  • Heartbeat: the amount of time elapsed since the Dashboard received communication from the node;
  • Uptime: the amount of time the node has been continuously running.

At the end of each row detailing a Node instance are two buttons:

  • Reboot: if clicked, Auth0 reboots the node;
  • Remove: if clicked, Auth0 removes the node from the status list. If the node is still running, the configuration area will publish a new status.