PSaaS Appliance Dashboard: Tenants

For additional information on navigating to and using the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard, please see the section on PSaaS Appliance Controls.

The Tenants page of the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard lists all tenants associated with your PSaaS Appliance instance.

For each associated tenant, you will see the following pieces of information:

  • Name: the name of the tenant;
  • Applications: the number of applications associated with the tenant;
  • Connections: the number of Connections enabled for the tenant;
  • Total Users: the total number of users associated with the tenant;
  • Total Logins: the total number of logins by users associated with the tenant.

Custom Domains

The name column of the Tenants page is a hyperlink. Clicking on this brings up the page where you can set up custom domains for this particular tenant, as well overview information for any currently-existing custom domains.

Adding a Custom Domain

To add a custom domain, click on the "Add Domain" button. You will be prompted for the following information:

  • Domain: the custom domain for your tenant;

  • SSL Available: the SSL certificate format (either PFX/PKCS12 or Standard PEM);

    If you are using a PFX/PKCS12 certificate:

  • SSL PFX Cert: the password associated with your PFX/PKCS12 certificate;

  • PFX Certificate: clicking this button enables you to upload a copy of your PFX Certificate;

    If you are using a Standard PEM certificate:

  • Upload Public Key...: clicking this button enables you to upload the file containing your public key;

  • Upload Private Key...: clicking this button enables you to upload the file containing your private key.

Once you have provided the required information and uploaded your certificate, click the "Add" button to save your changes and add the custom domain. You will then see a green banner appear on the Custom Domain page that says:

Updating configuration... check Activity section for progress.

Once the change has been implemented and you have refreshed the custom domains page, you will see the following overview information about your newly-created domain:

  • Domain: the custom domain URL;
  • SSL Available: indicates successful application of the SSL certificate;
  • Certificate Subject: the subject of the certificate, or the target of the certificate (such as what is being secured);
  • Certificate Expiration: the date and time when the certificate expires;
  • Remove Domain: clicking the "X" button removes this domain from the tenant.