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Enable Webtasks, Extensions, and User Search

The PSaaS Appliance supports:

  • Extensions
  • Webtasks
  • User search using Elasticsearch

1. Add a New Application


You can find a list of extensions available to you on the Dashboard.

Some of the Extensions available to users of the Auth0 public cloud are unavailable in the PSaaS Appliance. As such, these do not appear as options in the PSaaS Appliance's Dashboard.

2. Get your Client Key and Client Secret

Webtasks Requirements

Your Development and Production environments must meet the following requirements before you can enable Webtasks:

  • All nodes in the cluster have outbound access using Port 443 to:
    • (or
  • All nodes can communicate with other nodes in the same cluster using ports 8721 and 8701.
  • All SSL certificates have the appropriate Webtask DNS entry. Examples:
    • webtask.<yourdomain>.com
    • webtask-dev.<yourdomain>.com

3. Set up the Connection in Auth0

Enable Webtasks

Once you have met the requirements for enabling Webtasks, submit a Support ticket to request that Auth0 configure Webtasks on your behalf.

4. Test the Connection

Dedicated Domains

You may configure Webtasks on a dedicated domain. Using dedicated domains enables you to safely use extensions in multi-tenant environments (the behavior is akin to that of the Auth0 Public Cloud Service).

If you are planning on using Extensions, you must implement Webtask dedicated domains.

Next Steps

The PSaaS Appliance supports User Search using Elasticsearch. This allows you to use extensions that require user search functionality, including the Delegated Administration extension.

To enable User Search, you must increase the amount of storage available in your Development and Production environments.

  • If you have a single non-Production/Development node, you need an additional 50 GB drive;
  • If you have a three-node Production cluster, you need an extra 100 GB drive on each of your three Virtual Machines;
  • If you have a Geographic High-Availability implementation, you need an additional 100 GB drive on each of your data nodes in the primary and secondary data centers.

For all other configuration types, please consult with your Customer Success Engineer.

Once you have added the additional drive(s), submit a Support ticket to request that Auth0 enable User Search.

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