PSaaS Appliance: Adding Users to Grafana

By default, each Grafana instance (every PSaaS Appliance node comes with its own instance of Grafana) includes the following users:

  • admin

To visualize the instrumentation page with an PSaaS Appliance administrative user other than, you will need to add that user to the Grafana instances for each PSaaS Appliance node.

  1. Navigate to the PSaaS Appliance node's instance of Grafana (https://<appliance_manage_domain>.com/grafana/<private_ip>), and log in using a set of valid credentials.
  2. Click the Grafana icon located in the top left corner. Select Admin and then Global Users.

Grafana Admin Menu

  1. To add the user, click + Add new user.

Grafana Add New User Button

  1. Add the user's email address to the Name, Email, and Username fields, and set the user's password. This can be any complex password of the user's choosing. Note that the user will have to enter their password only if they try to access Grafana using Basic Authentication. If the user logs in using OAuth, Grafana will select the user based on the provided email address.

Grafana Add New User Screen

You can use one of two authentication methods with Grafana:

Grafana Authentication

  • Basic Authentication: used by configuration scripts launched by Puppet
  • OAuth Authentication: used by when pages when users either:
    • Visualize the instrumentation page;
    • Navigate to Grafana's website.
  1. Click Create. You will now see the user reflected in the Users list.

Grafana Users List