PSaaS Appliance: How to Visualize Your Data

Once you have enabled Instrumentation, you can access your data in one of two places:

  • PSaaS Appliance Dashboard
  • Grafana

View Your Data in the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard

If you would like to see your data in the Appliance Dashboard, navigate to https://<appliance_manage_domain>/configuration#/instrumentation to access the graphs created from the data collected from your PSaaS Appliance instances.

PSaaS Appliance Instrumentation Dashboard

Access Your Data Directly from Grafana

Each PSaaS Appliance node has its own instances of Grafana, InfluxDB, and Telegraph. To access a given node's Grafana instance:

  1. Obtain the node's private IP address
  2. Using the private IP address, navigate to https://<appliance_manage_domain>.com/grafana/<private_ip>

Add Grafana Dashboards to the Instrumentation Page in the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard

If you need to view relationships between datasets that have yet to be graphed, you can create new (or update existing) Grafana Dashboards displayed on the PSaaS Appliance Dashboard's Instrumentation page. To create new Grafana dashboards, please view this video.

Once you have created your Grafana dashboards, tag them as instrumentation so that they appear on the Instrumentation page. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Grafana dashboard's Settings > General page.
  2. Add a tag to the appropriate Grafana dashboard called instrumentation.

Grafana Dashboard Settings Screen