Using the `testall` Endpoint

The testall endpoint can be accessed via http or https:

The /testall endpoint checks the availability of the core Auth0 Authentication Service, as well as other services such as the Management Dashboard and Documentation pages. If all is well, the endpoint returns a response code of 200.

Alternatively, if there are any issues, /testall returns a 5xx response code.

Monitoring Individual Nodes

Typically, the above endpoint will reach the load balancer, but since a typical, highly-available deployment will have at least three nodes, Auth0 recommends monitoring those endpoints as well:

  • http://{IP Address Node 1}/testall
  • http://{IP Address Node 2}/testall
  • http://{IP Address Node 3}/testall

Be sure to use the http not https in your URLs.

Non-Responsive Nodes

The load balancer may remove nodes that are not responding or time out without affecting service, because all nodes of a cluster can serve requests from applications. All configuration information is continuously replicated across nodes.

These endpoints are typically used by the Load Balancer to decide whether or not a node should be removed from the cluster. If a node stops responding, and the Load Balancer removes it, please contact Auth0 Support for additional assistance.