Information Requirements for Setting Up the Appliance in Auth0's Private Cloud

If your subscription agreement includes an Appliance that is hosted in a dedicated area of Auth0's cloud, Auth0 will set up the Appliance on your behalf. To do so, Auth0 asks that you provide the following information:

  • Preferred AWS region such as AWS US-West-2, AWS US-East-1, AWS EU-Central-1, etc;

  • Eight (8) DNS names:

    • Four (4) will be used for the non-Production node, and four (4) will be used for the Production cluster;
    • Each domain name will have 4 parts and end with;
    • The domain part of the name that is hosted in Auth0's Private Cloud cannot have the same name as any of your other tenants hosted in the multi-tenant cloud.
    • Important: Please finalize DNS names prior to Appliance deployment.
  • SMTP Settings (including the hostname, port number, username, and password). Auth0 will work with you to enter your settings. For additional details, please see the SMTP section of the Appliance infrastructure manual;

  • Administrator(s) email address for App tenant for non-production and Production environments.

  • Custom Domains (optional): If you want to use a custom domain with your customer-facing applications, you'll need to manage the DNS and certificate (signed by a public certificate authority) yourself. This means that you'll own and be responsible for the following two pieces of the configuration:

    • Registering the custom domain(s) and uploading the accompanying certificate(s) to the Auth0 Dashboard. You'll also be responsible for keeping your certificates up-to-date;
    • Adding the appropriate entries to your DNS that aliases the Auth0 identity (e.g. identity.\<yourname\>.com => identity.\<yourname\>
    • Note: Webtask does not currently support your custom domain.

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