prompt: mfa-email

prompt: mfa-email

Screen: mfa-email-challenge

mfa-email-challenge reference screenshot

Text Key
Log in to ${clientName} pageTitle
Go Back backText
Continue buttonText
We've sent an email with your code to description
Try another method pickAuthenticatorText
Enter the code placeholder
Remember this device for 30 days rememberMeText
Resend resendActionText
Didn't receive an email? resendText
Verify Your Identity title
OTP Code must have 6 numeric characters invalid-otp-code-format
The code you entered is invalid invalid-code
Invalid or expired user code invalid-expired-code
We couldn't verify the code. Please try again later. authenticator-error
Notification was not sent. Try resending the code. no-transaction-in-progress
You have exceeded the amount of emails. Wait a few minutes and try again. too-many-email
Your enrollment transaction expired, you will need to start again. transaction-not-found
We couldn't send the email. Please try again later. mfa-email-challenge-authenticator-error

Screen: mfa-email-list

mfa-email-list reference screenshot

Text Key
Log in to ${clientName} pageTitle
Go back backText
Enrolled Email Addresses title

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