Custom Database Script Templates: Change Password

Auth0 provides the following custom database change password script templates that you can use when implementing password changing functionality for your users.

While Auth0 has populated default templates in the Dashboard script editor, you can use the following links to recover the original code and notes once you've made and saved edits.


When working on your password change script, keep in mind that:

  • This script will be executed whenever the user wishes to change his password; the user will receive the password reset email, which include the link they need to follow to change their password
  • The parameters email and newPassword are used to confirm the new password
  • The change password script is optional

Sample Scripts

Auth0 provides sample scripts for use with the following languages/technologies:


ASP.NET Membership Provider (MVC3 - Universal Providers)

ASP.NET Membership Provider (MVC4 - Simple Membership)





SQL Server

Windows Azure SQL Database

Request with Basic Auth