Using Passwordless Authentication on Android

This functionality has been deprecated in native. After June 2017, tenants cannot use the native passwordless flow. The functionality will continue to work for tenants that currently have it enabled. If at some point the passwordless mode feature is changed or removed from service, customers who currently use it will be notified beforehand and given ample time to migrate.

Passwordless connections in Auth0 allow users to login without the need to remember a password. The benefits of enabling passwordless connections include:

  • Improved user experience, particularly on mobile applications, since users only need an email address or phone number to sign up and the credential used for authentication is automatically validated after sign-up.

  • Enhanced security since users avoid the insecure practice of using the same password for many purposes.

  • Less effort for you since you will not need to implement a password reset procedure.


Passwordless connections use an authentication channel like SMS or email, which need to be configured under Connections > Passwordless in the Auth0 Dashboard.

We recommend implementing passwordless with Universal Login. If you are using embedded login with or Auth0.js, you will need to enable custom domains for your tenant. To learn more, see Custom Domains.

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