To configure a Box OAuth2 connection, you will need to register your Auth0 tenant on their developer portal.

1. Register a new Box app

Log into the Box developer portal and click My Apps and then select Create a Box Application:

Name your new app and click Create Application:

2. Edit your app Properties

Once the app is created, click on Edit Application and review the form. There are a number of properties that you can change (such as contact information, logos, and so on):

Scroll down to find the client_id and client_secret fields under the OAuth2 Parameters section:

Enter this URL as the redirect_uri:


While on this page, make sure to define the appropriate permission Scopes for your app.

3. Copy your Client Id and Client Secret

Go to your Auth0 Dashboard and select Connections > Social, then choose Box. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the OAuth2 Parameters section of your app on Box into the fields on this page on Auth0:

Next Steps

Now that you have a working connection, the next step is to configure your application to use it. You can follow our step-by-step quickstarts or use directly our libraries and API.

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