Connect your app to Docomo dAccount

To configure a Docomo dAccount connection you will need to register Auth0 on the dAccount Connect Portal.

1. Add a new Service

First log in into your dAccount Connect Portal, once you have logged in click on the RP site information management (RPサイト情報管理画面) link on the side navigation.

dAccount Connect Top

This will bring up RP site information management page. Click the Add new RP site info (新規RPサイト情報追加) button to add a new service.

dAccount RP Site Info

Fill out the form by providing the following information:

Field Description
Service name (サービス名) Your application's name.
Service overview (サービス概要) A brief description of your application.
Access Token lifetime (アクセストークン有効期間 秒) The lifetime of your Access Token in seconds.
Redirect URI (リダイレクトURI) The callback URL for your application (https://YOUR_DOMAIN/login/callback)
Available scopes (利用可能スコープ) The scopes for the information you are requesting for your app.

Find your Auth0 domain name for redirects

If your Auth0 domain name is not shown above and you are not using our custom domains feature, your domain name is your tenant name, plus For example, if your tenant name were exampleco-enterprises, your Auth0 domain name would be and your redirect URI would be

If you are using custom domains, your redirect URI will have the following format: https://<YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN>/login/callback.

dAccount RP Site Registration

When finished, click Register (登録).

2. Get your Client ID and Client Secret

Go to the details page for your service by clicking on the Details (詳細) button.

dAccount RP site info

This page will contain your Client ID (クライアントID) and Client Secret (クライアントシークット), to be used in the next step.

dAccount Service Details

3. Setup the Connection to Auth0

In a separate tab or page, go to the Connections > Social section of the Auth0 dashboard.

Click on the NTT Docomo connection.

Enter your Client ID and Client ID from the dAccount Connect service you created, select your Attributes then click SAVE.

Paste your Client ID and Client Secret

Next on the Clients tab, enable which of your applications will be able to use this connection. After enabling the applications, click SAVE.

4. Test the Connection

On the Connections > Social page of the Auth0 dashboard you should now see a TRY button with the NTT Docomo connection.

Try Button

Click on this to test the new connection. If your connection has been correctly configured, this should take you to a login page where you can log in with your dAccount.