Connect Your App to LinkedIn

To connect your Auth0 app to LinkedIn, you will need to generate a Client ID and Client Secret in a LinkedIn app, copy these keys into your Auth0 settings, and enable the connection.

1. Log in to the developer portal

Log in to the LinkedIn Developer portal, and click My Apps:

2. Create your app

Click the Create Application button:

3. Enter details about your app

For the Website URL field, enter the following URL:


Then complete all the required fields on the form.

Click Submit.

4. Enter the redirect URL

Enter the following URL in the Authorized Redirect URLs field, and click Add:


Next, click Update.

5. Get your Client ID and Client Secret

On the same page, you will be able to see your Client ID and Client Secret under the Authentication Keys section:

6. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret into Auth0

Login to the Connections > Social section of the Auth0 Dashboard.

Select the LinkedIn connection to access its Settings page.

Copy the Client ID into the API Key section and Client Secret into the Secret Key section. Enable any desired permissions and attributes, then click SAVE.

7. Enable the connection

Go to the Apps tab of the LinkedIn connection on Auth0, and select each of your existing Auth0 apps for which you want to enable this connection:

8. Test your app

Go back to the Connections > Social section of the Auth0 dashboard.

A TRY icon will now be displayed next to the LinkedIn logo:

Click TRY.

You will see the LinkedIn Authorize screen. Click Allow to finish creating the connection.

If you have configured everything correctly, you will see the It works!!! page:

9. Access LinkedIn API

Once you successfully authenticate a user, LinkedIn includes an Access Token in the user profile it returns to Auth0.

You can then use this token to call their API.

In order to get a LinkedIn Access Token, you have to retrieve the full user's profile, using the Auth0 Management API, and extract the Access Token from the response. For detailed steps refer to Call an Identity Provider API.

Once you have the token you can call the API, following LinkedIn's documentation.

For more information on these tokens, refer to Identity Provider Access Tokens.