Connect your app to RenRen

To configure a RenRen OAuth2 connection, you will need to register Auth0 on the RenRen integration portal.

This doc refers to the client steps to connect your client. If you are looking to manage authentication in your application, see Next Steps below.

1. Create a new App

Log into the RenRen integration portal and click Create New App:

2. Enter app information

Complete the required information on this page. Enter the following value for the callback URL:


Click Create App.

3. Get your API Key and Secret Key

Once the app is created, the API Key and Secret Key will be displayed on the following page:

4. Copy your API Key and Secret Key

Go to the Social Connections section of your Auth0 Dashboard and choose RenRen. Copy the API Key and Secret Key from the New App page on RenRen into fields on this page on Auth0:

Next Steps

Now that you have a working connection, the next step is to configure your application to use it. You can initiate login using Lock, Auth0.js, or the Authentication API endpoint.

For detailed instructions and samples for a variety of technologies, refer to our quickstarts:

For more background information on client authentication refer to Client Authentication.