Monitoring the AD/LDAP Connector with System Center Operations Manager

The Auth0 AD/LDAP connector can run as a Service on Windows based machines.

You can monitor the service status using System Center as you would do with any other service.

  • Open the Add Monitoring Wizard and select the Monitoring Type: Windows Service:


  • Enter a name and description:


  • Select the Server in which the AD/LDAP Connector is installed and then choose "Auth0 ADLDAP":


  • Select the limits of CPU and Memory limits. Eg: 10% of CPU and 200MB of RAM are good limits to trigger alerts.

We also recommend setting up a synthetic transaction to monitor end-to-end authentication. See Monitor Auth0 Using SCOM for more information.

AD/LDAP Connector Health Webtask

Here is a way to monitor health of AD/LDAP connector from Auth0 perspective. This can be done in addition to monitoring from an infrastructure perspective.