Access Tokens

Importing Data Into and Exporting Data from the Authorization Extension


Currently, we provide two ways of implementing role-based access control (RBAC), which you can use in place of or in combination with your API's own internal access control system:

We are expanding our Authorization Core feature set to match the functionality of the Authorization Extension and expect a final release in 2020. Our new core RBAC implementation improves performance and scalability and will eventually provide a more flexible RBAC system than the Authorization Extension.

For now, both implement the key features of RBAC and allow you to restrict the custom Access Tokensscopes defined for an API to those that have been assigned to the user as permissions. For a comparison, see Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension.

You can import new data from or export existing authorization data to a JSON file. This can be useful when moving environments.

scopeRoles and permissions are linked to specific applications. If you export your JSON file and import it into a different environment, you will need to change the client ID for these records.

You can get to the Import/Export section by clicking Configuration on the drop-down menu accessible by clicking on your tenant name at the top right of the Authorization Dashboard.

Click Configuration

Click Import/Export.

Import/Export Section

Use this form to copy and paste or edit the JSON data. Then, click either the IMPORT or EXPORT button to begin the import/export process.

A sample JSON file looks like this:

Access Token Structure

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