Get Log Information About Hooks Using the Command-Line InterfaceBeta

The Auth0 Command-Line Interface (CLI) allows you to gather real-time logging information on Hooks.

Only tenants created prior to 17 July 2018 have access to and the Webtask CLI. If you are an enterprise customer with a newer tenant, please contact your account representative to request access. Other requests can be made through the Auth0 Contact Form and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Prerequisite: Set up the Webtask CLI

Before proceeding, you'll need to set up the Webtask CLI. You can find instructions for installing and configuring the Webtask CLI in the Dashboard > Webtask page.

The wt-cli package also includes the auth0 binary, allowing you to use the Auth0 CLI.

Install Webtasks Instructions

Please note that all of the examples on this page use auth0-profile as the name of the profile. This is the same profile name used when installing wt-cli and can be obtained from Step 2 of the instructions set located on Auth0 Management Dashboard's Webtask page.

Use the following Auth0 CLI commands to gather information about Hooks:

  • To get a list of Hooks for a specific extensibility point: auth0 ls -t pre-user-registration -p auth0-default
  • To get a list of Hooks associated with Auth0 account: auth0 ls -p auth0-default
  • To access logs containing real-time data on Hooks: auth0 logs -p auth0-default