Dynamic CRM Integration

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add Single Sign On (SSO) to Dynamic CRM using Auth0. Your users will be able to log in using any of our Social Identity Providers (Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.), Enterprise Identity Providers (LDAP, Active Directory, ADFS, etc.) or with a username and password.

1. Create a new application

Navigate to the SSO Integrations section of the dashboard and choose Dynamic CRM from the list of apps:

2. Name your app and click Save:

3. Follow the live documentation

Now you will be directed to a tutorial for this integration containing information customized for your account. You may need to enter information from Dynamic CRM. Simply follow each of the steps as shown:

4. Configure Settings

After going through the Tutorial, click on the Settings tab for your integration. Here you can choose to Use Auth0 instead of the IdP to do single sign-on. Make sure to click SAVE when finished.

5. Enable Connections

Click the Connections link for the integration to select which connections you want to enable for this integration.

6. Configuration Complete

You have successfully configured Dynamic CRM to use Auth0 as the SSO broker. Your users can now choose this as a way to authenticate.