Android Lock: Error Messages

This document covers an outdated version of Lock for Android. We recommend you to upgrade to v2

You may encounter one or more of the following messages when signing up using Lock for Android:

  • user_exists: the user you are attempting to sign up has already signed up.
  • username_exists: the username you are attempting to sign up with is already in use.
  • invalid_user_password: the password you have chosen does not meet the requirements.
  • unauthorized: you may not sign up for this application.
  • a0.mfa_required: MFA is required for this account. You must retry the log in sending the MFA code.
  • a0.mfa_invalid_code: The MFA code sent is invalid
  • a0.mfa_registration_required: MFA is required for this account, but there's no code generator app registered yet.