Lock iOS: Customization

This document covers an out-of-date version of Lock for iOS - version 1. We recommend using the latest version of the library. To do so select v2 at the dropdown. If you are already using v1 but interested in upgrading, take a look at the Lock v1 to Lock v2 migration guide.

Lock UI can be customized by creating your own A0Theme and overriding the default one before displaying A0LockViewController:

A0Theme *myAwesomeTheme = [[A0Theme alloc] init];
//Customize your theme
[[A0Theme sharedInstance] registerTheme:myAwesomeTheme];
let myAwesomeTheme = A0Theme()
//Customize your theme

How to configure your Theme

Lock's UI is composed of several parts that can be customized Here is a list of the available values that can be customized:

You can either configure some type of properties which are:

  • Color: UIColor instance.
  • Image: NSString with image name.
  • Font: UIFont instance.

Example Usage

myAwesomeTheme.registerColorForKey(UIColor.redColor(), "A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalColor");

This is the list of properties that can be customized:

Primary Button

  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalColor
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonHighlightedColor
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalImageName
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonHighlightedImageName
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonFont
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonTextColor

Secondary Button

  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonNormalImageName
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonHighlightedImageName
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonFont
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonTextColor


  • A0ThemeTextFieldFont
  • A0ThemeTextFieldTextColor
  • A0ThemeTextFieldPlaceholderTextColor
  • A0ThemeTextFieldIconColor


  • A0ThemeTitleFont
  • A0ThemeTitleTextColor


  • A0ThemeIconBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeIconImageName


  • A0ThemeScreenBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeScreenBackgroundImageName

Message & Description

  • A0ThemeDescriptionFont
  • A0ThemeDescriptionTextColor
  • A0ThemeSeparatorTextFont
  • A0ThemeSeparatorTextColor


  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxBorderColor
  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxSeparatorColor
  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxBackgroundColor

Close Button

  • A0ThemeCloseButtonTintColor