Lock iOS: Customization

Heads up! This page is documentation for an outdated version of Lock for iOS (version 1). Check out the Lock v1 to Lock v2 migration guide, for information on migrating to v2, or the Lock v2 Documentation.

Lock UI can be customized by creating your own A0Theme and overriding the default one before displaying A0LockViewController:

A0Theme *myAwesomeTheme = [[A0Theme alloc] init];
//Customize your theme
[[A0Theme sharedInstance] registerTheme:myAwesomeTheme];
let myAwesomeTheme = A0Theme()
//Customize your theme

How to configure your Theme

Lock's UI is composed of several parts that can be customized Here is a list of the available values that can be customized:

You can either configure some type of properties which are:

  • Color: UIColor instance.
  • Image: NSString with image name.
  • Font: UIFont instance.

Example Usage

myAwesomeTheme.registerColorForKey(UIColor.redColor(), "A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalColor");

This is the list of properties that can be customized:

Primary Button

  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalColor
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonHighlightedColor
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonNormalImageName
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonHighlightedImageName
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonFont
  • A0ThemePrimaryButtonTextColor

Secondary Button

  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonNormalImageName
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonHighlightedImageName
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonFont
  • A0ThemeSecondaryButtonTextColor


  • A0ThemeTextFieldFont
  • A0ThemeTextFieldTextColor
  • A0ThemeTextFieldPlaceholderTextColor
  • A0ThemeTextFieldIconColor


  • A0ThemeTitleFont
  • A0ThemeTitleTextColor


  • A0ThemeIconBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeIconImageName


  • A0ThemeScreenBackgroundColor
  • A0ThemeScreenBackgroundImageName

Message & Description

  • A0ThemeDescriptionFont
  • A0ThemeDescriptionTextColor
  • A0ThemeSeparatorTextFont
  • A0ThemeSeparatorTextColor


  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxBorderColor
  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxSeparatorColor
  • A0ThemeCredentialBoxBackgroundColor

Close Button

  • A0ThemeCloseButtonTintColor