Lock: Customizing Error Messages

This document covers an outdated version of Lock. We recommend you to upgrade to v10.

You can customize the error messages that will be displayed on certain situations by providing a dict option at the customization options. A full listing of available dict fields to customize can be found in the GitHub repository's English Dictionary file for Lock 9. Below is an example of some customized error messages:

// Initialize the Auth0Lock instance
var lock = new Auth0Lock('YOUR_CLIENT_ID', 'YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN');

// Customize your error messages in a dictionary
var dict = {
        loadingTitle:   'loading...',
        close:          'close',
        signin: {
            wrongEmailPasswordErrorText: 'Custom error message for invalid user/pass.',
            serverErrorText: 'There was an error processing the sign in.',
            strategyEmailInvalid: 'The email is invalid.',
            strategyDomainInvalid: 'The domain {domain} has not been setup.'
        signup: {
            serverErrorText: 'There was an error processing the sign up.',
            enterpriseEmailWarningText: 'This domain {domain} has been configured for Single Sign On and you can\'t create an account. Try signing in instead.'
        reset: {
            serverErrorText: 'There was an error processing the reset password.'
        // wrongEmailPasswordErrorText, serverErrorText, enterpriseEmailWarningText are used only if you have a Database connection
        // strategyEmailInvalid is shown if the email is not valid
        // strategyDomainInvalid is shown if the email does not have a matching enterprise connection

// Invoke the lock show method with the customized dictionary
lock.show({ dict: dict });

These errors will be shown on the widget header:

Widget Header Errors

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