Stream Logs to Datadog

Datadog is a monitoring platform for cloud applications. It brings together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. You can use it to create monitoring, alerting, and analysis dashboards for Auth0 tenants.

Datadog provides data enhancement to ensure customers can rely on receiving specific data fields regardless of the system with which they are integrating. As part of this Auth0 log streaming integration, Datadog has enhanced our data. The following fields can be found in our logs when using Datadog:

Field Auth0 attribute
Official Log date
network.client.ip data.ip
network.client.geoip data.ip (parsed)
http.useragent data.user_agent
http.useragent_details data.user_agent (parsed) data.user_name data.user_name (when available)
message Event description (For a list of descriptions, see Log Event Type Codes.)

To learn more about Datadog transformations, read Datadog US Log Pipelines and Datadog EU Log Pipelines.

Auth0 provides a Datadog dashboard templates you can use. To learn more, read Use Auth0 Dashboard Templates with Datadog.

To send Auth0 events to Datadog, you will need to:

  1. Subscribe to a Log Management plan with Datadog. To learn more, read Datadog plans.

  2. Copy your API Key from Datadog.

  3. Configure the Auth0 event stream.

  4. Test configuration.

Copy API Key from Datadog

  1. Log in to the Datadog dashboard.

  2. Go to Integrations > APIs.

  3. Expand the API Keys section, and copy the API Key that you would like to use.

Configure the Auth0 event stream

  1. Go to Dashboard > Monitoring > Streams and click Create Stream.

    Dashboard Monitoring Streams

  2. Select Datadog and enter a unique name for your new stream.

    Dashboard Monitoring Streams Create New Datadog Stream

  3. Click Create.

  4. Configure the event source by providing your API Key and Region. If you are in the Datadog EU region use, otherwise, it should be

    Dashboard Monitoring Streams Datadog Settings Tab

  5. Click Save.

Test configuration

When Auth0 writes the next log event, you'll receive a copy in Datadog with the source and service set to auth0.

  1. Log in to Datadog and go to Logs > Livetail.

  2. See Auth0 logs by setting the Source to auth0.

Delivery attempts and retries

Auth0 events are delivered to your server via a streaming mechanism that sends each event as it is triggered. If your server is unable to receive the event, Auth0 will retry delivering it up to 3 times. If still unsuccessful, Auth0 will log the failure, and you will see the failure in the Health tab for your log stream.

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