Pre-Deployment Tests: Required Fixes

The following tests check to see if you've completed all requirements for successful deployment to Production.

See How to Read Your Results Set for additional information on your testing output.

Test Description
Allowed Callback Urls Not Localhost Validates the Application Allowed Callback URLs do not point to localhost,, and so on
Configure Guardian SMS Provider (Dependency: Guardian is Configured) Ensures that Twilio SMS is configured if you're using Guardian MFA
Configure Tenant Environment Tag Ensures the tenant environment tag is set appropriately to Production, Staging or Development
Email Provider Configured Verifies that the custom email provider has been configured
Social Connections Auth0 Dev Keys Verifies that Social Connections are not using the default Auth0 developer keys
Support Email is Configured Ensures the Support Email is configured in Tenant Settings
Support URL is Configured Ensures the Support URL is configured in Tenant Settings
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