Migrate Rules and Hooks to Actions

Migrate Rules and Hooks to Actions

On 30 Apr 2022, Node.js v12 will go out of long-term support (LTS), which means that the Node.js development team will no longer back-port critical security fixes to this version. This could potentially expose your extensibility code to security vulnerabilities.


Customers Using Should Task
Actions Node 12 Update to a new version of their custom Action to update to Node 16. Update all versions by 30 Apr 2022.
Legacy Node 12 (Rules/Hooks/Extensions) Begin migrating to Actions Node 16. Migrate to Actions Node 16 by 30 Apr 2022.
Legacy Node 8 Immediately migrate to Actions wherever possible. For Rules and Hooks that cannot immediately be migrated to Actions, you must, at a minimum, update your code to Node 12 and update tenant settings to Node 12. Migrate to Actions Node 16 immediately. At a minimum, to avoid a service interruption, migrate off Node 8 by 22 Feb 2022.

Migrate Rules and Hooks to Actions

We encourage customers on Node version 12 to stay current with Active Long-Term Support (LTS) Node versions for security and compliance purposes. Going forward we will support every LTS Node.js version through Auth0 Actions only. Customers using Rules and Hooks are highly encouraged to migrate to Actions using Node 16 as soon as possible, and before Node 12 support expires formally from the Node.js community on 30 April 2022.

Migrate tenant-level Node version to 12

Customers who are still on Node 8 are already out of security compliance and must migrate to Node 12 to eliminate security risks. We will remove the Node 8 runtime on 22 Feb 2022. After this date, tenants still set to Node 8 run the risk of a service interruption. To learn more about how to migrate your tenant-level Node version from 8 to 12, read Migrate from Node.js 8 to Node.js 12.


Upgrade Actions

Existing Actions built on Node 12 can be upgraded to Node 16 and later reverted to a previous version on Node 12 if needed. Upgrade Actions to Node 16 by creating and deploying a new version set to use Node 16 as the runtime. In addition, when editing an Action, you will be given the option to upgrade when editing if your Action is using an outdated version of Node.

Banner that notifies you that your Action is using an outdated runtime.

Migrate Rules and Hooks to Actions

Existing Rules and Hooks should be migrated to Actions Node 16. Check back for additional information regarding migration strategies.