Salesforce (sandbox)


Please follow the steps below to configure your Auth0 account to work with .

1. Activate the add-on.

Go to Application Add-ons page and activate the add-on.

Each integration is different and requires different parameters and configuration. Once the add-on is activated, you will see tailored instructions with details on how to get this done.

2. Use it

The key to this integration is the Delegation endpoint in Auth0. Check the documentation of any of our FrontEnd or Mobile SDKs to learn how to call this endpoint. You can download your favorite library from any of the Quickstarts.

3. You are done!

Congrats! You've implemented Delegation for the API

Additional Information

Auth0 supports both the production connection to Salesforce and the Sandbox, the only difference being the endpoints hosted by Salesforce: and respectively.

Under the hood, Auth0 uses OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Token Flow to obtain an access_token. All details of construction of the right JWT are taken care of by Auth0.

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