AngularJS Passwordless

Sample Project

Download this sample project configured with your Auth0 API Keys.

System Requirements
  • AngularJS 1.5.8
  • angular-lock 2.0.2
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Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless connections in Auth0 allow users to log in without the need to remember a password.

Without passwords, your application will not need to implement a password-reset procedure and users avoid the insecure practice of using the same password for many different applications.


Start by enabling a passwordless authentication connection in your Auth0 dashboard by navigating to Connections > Passwordless.

Update References

Install and reference the necessary libraries.

bower install angular-lock-passwordless --save
<!-- index.html -->

<!-- Auth0 Lock-passwordless -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/auth0-lock-passwordless/build/lock-passwordless.js"></script>
<!-- lock-passwordless-angular -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/angular-lock-passwordless/dist/angular-lock-passwordless.js"></script>
<!-- angular-jwt -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/angular-jwt/dist/angular-jwt.js"></script>

Add the Module Dependencies and Configure the Service

// app.js

(function () {

  'use strict';

    .module('app', ['auth0.lockPasswordless', 'angular-jwt', 'ui.router'])

  function config($stateProvider, lockPasswordlessProvider) {

      .state('home', {
        url: '/home',
        controller: 'HomeController',
        templateUrl: 'components/home/home.html',
        controllerAs: 'vm'
      .state('login', {
        url: '/login',
        controller: 'LoginController',
        templateUrl: 'components/login/login.html',
        controllerAs: 'vm'

      clientID: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
      domain: 'YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN'


Implement the login Method

// components/auth/auth.service.js

(function () {

  'use strict';

    .service('authService', authService);

  function authService(lockPasswordless, authManager, $q, $state) {

    function login() {
      lockPasswordless.emailcode(function(error, profile, id_token) {
        if (error) {
          alert("Error: " + error);
        localStorage.setItem('id_token', id_token);
        localStorage.setItem('profile', JSON.stringify(profile));


    return {
      login: login

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