This offering consists of 3 blocks of 4 hours, each covering the following.

Scenario Guidance

A lighter weight version of full Scenario Guidance offering, this activity is designed to help you assess your requirements, and jointly draft a solution to address these.

We recommend completing this activity during the first 60 days of your subscription.

Code Review / Programming Advisory

A quick review of your implementation, including integration with your applications, general Auth0 configuration, rules, custom db connections, and so forth. The goal is to make sure you are optimally using Auth0's capabilities.

We recommend completing this activity no later than your subscription mid-term.

Architectural Review

This activity is designed to perform an evaluation of the Auth0 installation to ensure optimal use. It's an opportunity to update any documentation available, and includes an overview of different environments, applications, connections, and overall configuration. It also includes a walk-through of Auth0's roadmap, features to come, and an open discussion about other usage of Auth0 inside the company in the near future.

More Information

If you have specific support requirements or need more information on the Professional Services we offer, please contact sales.