The Jumpstart consists of 4 phases covering:

Scenario Guidance

This activity is designed to help Auth0 understand your specific scenario requirements. Example scenarios include, but aren't limited to:

  • Single sign-on across different web applications
  • Mobile authentication
  • User-database migration
  • API authorization
  • Step-up authentication

Please note that this activity is not intended to review your full business or solution architecture, nor will we review more than one scenario. Instead, we will focus on how you can integrate your solution with Auth0.

If you need a holistic review of your solution, please consider the Architecture Design session offerings.

The Scenario Guidance phase includes one working session, where we will jointly draft a high-level solution to address the requirements of your scenario. We will provide a recommendations memo afterwards for your reference.

Diagrams or information you deem relevant should be provided prior to our session so that we can optimize the time available.

Programming Advisory

The Programming Advisory phase includes a working sessions where an Auth0 Solutions Architect works with and provides guidance to your development team on topics like:

  • Auth0 tenant configuration
  • Auth0 extensibility endpoints
  • Your application integration with Auth0

The goal of the Programming Advisory working session is to make sure you are getting the most out of Auth0's capabilities. The work done during this working session will focus on the scenario covered during the Scenario Guidance session.

We recommend completing the Programming Advisory sessions no more than 30 days after you complete the Scenario Guidance session.

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review phase includes one session designed to help you understand what needs to be completed prior to Productive go-live, as well as what needs to be done afterwards regarding your Auth0 integration and usage. Topics covered include:

  • The production checklist
  • Auth0 features
  • Development lifecycle best practices
  • Engaging with the Auth0 Support Team

We recommend completing Architectural Review session no more than 30 days after you complete the Programming Advisory session.

Recommendations Review

The Recommendations Review session is focused on examining the findings and recommendations of the Jumpstart and formulating a plan for the next stages of your Auth0 implementation and rollout. Topic covered include:

  • Recommendations and action items from working sessions
  • Training and enablement needs
  • Future project milestones and deliverables
  • Project planning and guidance
  • Recommended resources and services

The Jumpstart Closeout session will be completed no more than 15 days after completion of the Architectural Review session.

More Information

If you have specific support requirements or need more information on the Professional Services we offer, please contact sales.