Enabling a Simple Connection in Auth0

Connections represent a relationship between Auth0 and an identity provider. Auth0 supports common Enterprise Identity Providers. It also supports popular Social Identity Providers out of the box.

For all supported identity providers see here

This tutorial will use the simplest identity provider (Google OAuth2) that requires minimal configuration.

1. Login into Auth0

Login and select the Social option under the Connections tab:

2. Enable the Connection

Choose Google/Gmail and change status to Enabled. Notice all attributes about the user that are supplied by Google, select the ones you are interested in:

Save the connection. You are done!

3. Test the new connection

Click on the Test button:

You will be redirected to Google for authentication and after that you will return to Auth0 where your user profile will be displayed:

For full integration with Google OAuth2, you need to obtain a clientId and a clientSecret. For a quick setup you don't need it. See here for details.