An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Written by Sebastián Peyrott
An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Ever wondered how blockchains work? Or how Bitcoin managed to change the landscape of monetary transactions? Or what's the magic behind Ethereum? Then this e-book is for you. In it we delve into the development of blockchains: distributed, immutable, verifiable ledgers for transactions. We explore how they became instrumental in the development of the first large-scale cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and how its ideas were extended to give birth to Ethereum, a powerful blockchain that marries decentralized transactions with Turing-complete contracts.

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About the Author


With a keen interest in native development, Sebastian has worked for 10 years as a software developer. He's gone through mobile game development, Win32 programming, iOS development and even traffic control systems. Nowadays he enjoys learning and writing about the newest technologies at Auth0.

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