Migrating a PHP 5 app to PHP 7 Guide

Migrating a PHP 5 app to PHP 7 Guide

Written by Prosper Otemuyiwa
Migrating a PHP 5 app to PHP 7 Guide

Many PHP applications are still running on PHP 5.x, not taking full advantage of the awesome features that PHP 7 offers. A lot of developers have not made the switch because of certain fears of compatibility issues, migration challenges, and the awkward feeling that migrating their apps will take away a big chunk of their time. If you are looking for a way to understand PHP 7 features like a boss, and migrate that PHP 5 app without hitting your head against the wall, then this handbook is for you.

What’s new in this version?

  • Setup and development environment.
  • A comprehensive rundown of PHP 7 features.
  • Migrating an API and a Web Application to PHP 7.

About the Author


Prosper is an avid Open Source Advocate, Evangelist, and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He is very passionate about building developer communities across Africa. He loves to travel and play football.

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