Rethinking backend with webtasks

Learn what Webtasks are and how we can write Backend code in our FrontEnd app.

Martín Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate

FEC 2015

August 26th, 2015
Zurich, Switzerland


You are writing a mobile or HTML5 web application that needs just a little bit of a backend. Maybe you want to access MongoDB, send an SMS, or an e-mail. Do you really need to host your own Node.js service to run this small snippet of backend logic? In this talk I will take a hard look at the role of the backend in modern applications. I will introduce the concept of a webtask – a lightweight representation of backend logic that can safely be embedded in a client application. I will show how you can use modern container technologies based on CoreOS and Docker to build a generic runtime for securely executing web tasks directly from a mobile or HTML5 application. You don’t need a backend to run backend code.

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