Reactive FrontEnd

Learn what Observables, Stream and Reactive Programming are in this amazing talk

Martín Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate


July 28th, 2015
San Fransisco, California


AngularJS, React and other FrontEnd frameworks are performant enough for most apps, most of the time; But what happens when you're trying to push every drop of performance out of your browser app? Making your Webapp performant and at the same time have nice, loosely coupled code based on resauble blocks is extremely hard. How would you handle a fire hose of data from socket pushes streaming to your UI while you've got mouse hover events firing? Reactive Programming is the answer to these questions. In this talk, we'll learn first what Reactive Programming really means and then we'll dive into practical examples on how Netflix is leveraging Reactive Programming to make performant, scalable and loosely coupled apps.

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